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Telemarketing - 
Inclusive but not Exclusive?


Some of our perceived competitors have buried their heads in the sand and carried on with a ‘business as usual’ approach with volume Telemarketing – still promising the earth, undercutting their rivals on cost and yet still failing to deliver – others have simply withdrawn.

Concentrica has developed a different approach…though still very much recognizing the value of Telemarketing (or in Concentrica’s language – ‘Field Sales On The Phone’) but definitely not in isolation, rather integral within a wider and coordinated process.

Lead Generation is now delivered through a series of volume Email Marketing Campaigns, critically utilising a carefully sourced list of appropriately researched and verified contacts. In addition well-crafted, and relevant emails, including highlighted links to the vendor’s website or specially designed landing-pages.

Our Marketing Automation tool enables the tracking of email ‘Openers’ and importantly, ‘Click Throughs’ all highly appropriate targets for that vital Telemarketing call - potentially providing the ultimate end goal in a dialogue and a Qualified Sales Lead.

Campaign deployment is either delivered sporadically or ideally repeated as part of a structured initiative with variable content, which may be delivered to provide a rich Sales Pipeline of Qualified Opportunities. 

Demand Generation activity can be carried out in parallel, identifying Website Visitors/ Responders, in addition to Email Openers/ Clickers as a lead source also requiring Telemarketing intervention – often in response to a request for further information.

Concentrica absolutely continues to promote its core differentiator - being that of deploying only the proven skills of highly experienced individuals, with successful backgrounds from within both large and small organizations.

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